Theo Kottis — Waiting Game

Theo Kottis — Waiting Game


The year is 1999 and a young boy in oversized marching band attire, and majestic red Shako, clutches his beloved snare drum, playing like his life depends on it. His name is Theo Kottis and he’s keeping rhythm for the Philharmonic Orchestra in his childhood home of Thessaloniki in Greece. Fast-forward 15 years and Theo, now living in Edinburgh, has swapped his shoulder-strap drum for drum machines and synthesisers, in a mission to cultivate his own futuristic sound.  Sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting, always emotive; Theo is truly obsessive about his approach to music. As a DJ he’s already performed at Rockness, T In The Park, Hideout and Glasgow’s legendary Sub Club, and that’s purely down to his talents in the booth. Now, with a blossoming production career, Theo has found a whole new way to convey his passion for music and convert his wide range of influences and experiences into substantive club compositions.  This EP demonstrates both sides of Theo’s nature. Founded on a bed of punching low-end drums Waiting Game is a bold and uplifting track that utilises chord progressions and a shimmering bell sequence to create an atmosphere that radiates his Summers in Ibiza. What Do You Feel, however, see’s Theo approach with a more stripped-back aesthetic. Whilst his uncanny melodies remain central to the track, the overall feeling is darker and less immediate, slowly building the layers before an arpeggiated chord sequence provides the crescendo for this chilling slice of modern electronica. 


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