Huxley & Mark Fanciulli — Preset

Huxley & Mark Fanciulli — Preset


We love it when artists blindside us with something we weren’t expecting - this is definitely one of those times. Collectively big Hux and Mark Fanciulli have carved out their respective niches, however when they combine forces all preconceptions go out the window. Preset is a boisterous, high-powered electro track that throbs around a distorted kick drum. We’re not sure how much coffee was consumed during the making of this track, but we’re assuming it was a shit load. 

On the flipside, Lyra is that post-thunder storm moment, as the dark clouds subside and crepuscular rays burst from the horizon. Subdued and uplifting, this is the ying to Preset’s yang. A brilliantly rounded EP from this excellent meeting of minds.