Moda Warehouse

Moda Warehouse

Saturday, March 7, 2015
The Moda Warehouse


Patrick Topping
Jaymo & Andy George
Theo Kottis

featuring Special Guest
Darius Syrossian


General Admission SOLD OUT
Phase 2 SOLD OUT


Our nomadic warehouse parties have been the most successful chapter in the book of Moda thus far. Kicking off with 800 trusting followers in May 2012, each successive warehouse party has attracted a bigger crowd than the last. Now pulling in 2000 strong crowds from all over the UK, these parties have become unmissable - as our next instalment proves more than ever.

Musical pioneer Skream forms part 1 of our double-headline event. Whether he’s in the studio, in the booth, on the radio or just partying harder than 99% of all living species, Skream is a name that carries incredible weight - expect everything from disco to techno when Mr Jones makes his Moda Warehouse debut. When it comes to powerful, groove-driven house there’s few DJ’s who do it like Darius Syrossian. Known internationally as one of the best in the game, his ability to please hardened genre fanatics, whilst simultaneously sending new school fans into a frenzy, is something to behold. Raw energy.

Patrick Topping’s rise to the top has been nothing short of meteoric. Having scooped awards for ‘Best New DJ’ and ‘ Best Track of Ibiza 2014’ he has quickly become the hottest of hot property. One of the most talked about artists on Hot Creations, his twisted take on house music is paralleled only by his immense DJ sets - which landed him in the hallowed Resident Advisor Top 100.

And gluing it all together as the masterminds behind Moda Black and Lost Village will, of course, be Jaymo & Andy George. Whether they’re throwing groundbreaking parties, collaborating with artists such as Sidney Charles or running one of the UK’s hottest labels, their passion for electronic music means these boys never stop.